About Neighborhood Engagement

Who We Are

Neighborhood Engagement is a Christian organization searching for self-sustainment solutions through collaborative partnerships bringing access to medicine, safe water, nourishment, or education that satisfy needs of oppression.

What We Do

Neighborhood Engagement mobilizes teams to serve communities by listening to our partners, learning through cultural immersion and having a love much™ response to needs, using film for feedback and accountability.

The adoption process will include our facilitating a relationship between each team and the adopted neighborhood, including consistent communication and direct involvement between both parties.

The consistent communication in forms such as e-mail, voice, video and neighborhood visits will foster personal relationships between team members and neighborhood residents. Such awareness to needs will lead to the direct involvement of team members in the form of financial assistance, training and education or other poverty alleviation resources to provide self-sustainment for the neighborhood.

We will facilitate direct involvement by providing logistics to ensure that the resources provided by each team efficiently reach and are utilized by the adopted neighborhood. After the poverty alleviation resources are provided to the neighborhood, we will provide teams with accountability of the use of their donated resources and measurable results of the progress which can be viewed via website.

Why We Serve

Neighborhood Engagement empowers our partners to find self-sustainment embracing a better future that equips them to meet their needs as we imitate the love of Christ with our neighbors.

Listen. Learn. Love.